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Lester Glenn Auto Group

101 Route 37 E
Toms River, NJ 08753

  • Sales: (888) 237-0518
  • Service: (877) 318-4172

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Adam Kraushaar of Lester Glenn Auto Group Wins National Recognition at NADA Convention

The nomination of Adam Kraushaar, president of Lester Glenn Auto Group, a Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Hyundai, Jeep, Mazda, Ram and Subaru dealer in Toms River, New Jersey, for the 2015 TIME Dealer of the Year award was announced today by TIME.

Kraushaar is one of a select group of 55 dealer nominees from across the country who will be honored at the 98th annual National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention & Exposition?

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Jon Hess from Lester Glenn Earns Bronze Medal in Global Hyundai Service Advisor Championship


Hyundai Motor Company recently concluded its second Service Advisor Championship, a skills competition that pit Hyundai service advisors from around the world in various Olympic-style competitions and tests. The 2014 bronze medal for the written test was awarded to Jon Hess of Lester Glenn Hyundai in Toms River, N.J., which also earned him $1,000. Patrick Meagher from Hyundai of Wesley Chapel in Florida also competed for the U.S. team and received an?
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Staying Safe on the Road: 5 Vehicle Warning Lights you Shouldn't Ignore

We all know that sinking feeling when a light you've never seen before suddenly pops up on your dashboard. Even if you have no idea what the little icon means, several thoughts cross your mind. Can I still drive the car? Should I pull over? Is it worth the money to fix whatever this problem is?

While most lights pertain to problems that do not require you to immediately pull over or immediately visit?

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Fuel Economy: 3 Driving Tips that will Save you Money at the Gas Pump


Fuel efficiency is becoming more and more important to many Americans, but most drivers don't realize their individual driving habits can be hurting their wallets at the pump. Did you know that aggressive driving can hurt your fuel efficiency by up to 33%?

Here are some helpful driving tips to save you money at the gas pump:

  1. Speed: Gas mileage starts to decrease at speeds above 50 mph. Each 5 mph you drive over…
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Vehicles for a Growing Family; 7 cars that seat 7+

Let's Play 7-up; Seven cars that fit seven+ passengers

Finding a comfortable car for your growing family can be a tough thing to find. We've put together this list of seven family cars that seat seven or more passengers to make things a little easier for you!

Whether your family of seven+ consists of kids of your own, kids that have fur, or your son's entire little league baseball team, these cars can get you from A to B without sacrificing style…

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What to do After a Car Accident


Awareness while driving, knowing your environment and the road conditions and employing defensive driving techniques can decrease your chance of ever getting into an accident. However; unfortunately, accidents do happen. What you do after an accident occurs can greatly impact the overall cost, as well as the clean-up and repair process.

The most important thing to remember to do even before an accident happens is to be prepared. Do you have a road emergency kit? Whether you buy a pre-prepared kit from a dealership or automotive supply store, or fill a bag with a few items you think you might…

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Leasing vs Financing; The Choice is Yours, but We're Here to Help!

Leasing vs Financing

Usually, after you select a vehicle brand, model, color, options etc, you are faced with another tough decision. Should I finance my vehicle or lease my vehicle? Unfortunately, we cannot make that decision for you, but we can help you choose the option that makes the most sense for you!

Let?s take a look at leasing.

For those looking for lower monthly payments and having a new vehicle that (normally) is covered under warranty?

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Keep You and Your Family Cool this Summer

Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is here, folks. After that (very) long winter we had, seeing the sun and being able to wear shorts and t-shirts is a beautiful thing. However, just as we stopped complaining about the cold and the snow, complaints about the heat are now pouring in!

Though there's nothing like taking a cruise in your car with the windows down and your summertime jams blasting through the radio, no one likes stepping into a…

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