Keep You and Your Family Cool this Summer

Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is here, folks. After that (very) long winter we had, seeing the sun and being able to wear shorts and t-shirts is a beautiful thing. However, just as we stopped complaining about the cold and the snow, complaints about the heat are now pouring in!

Though there's nothing like taking a cruise in your car with the windows down and your summertime jams blasting through the radio, no one likes stepping into a car that just spent the past few hours baking in the sun. When you get 3rd degree burns from touching your steering wheel, something has to click in your head and say "how can I change this?"

We've compiled a list of tips and accessories to help keep your car cool this summer!

  1. Blankets: Blankets are a cheap and easy way to make sitting on your car seats a more tolerable and cool experience. Simply drape them over your seats and they will absorb some of the direct sunlight that your seats are being subjected to. Remove the blankets when you enter your car, and enjoy sitting on a cooler car seat!
  2. Sunshades: Sunshades are also a cheap way to keep your car cool! They make sunshades to fit most windows on most vehicles, and the reflective material used will keep direct sunlight from hitting your car's interior!
  3. Window Visors: Window visors create a great way for you to keep your windows down without having the fear of having rain enter your car while driving! Also known as window deflectors, the visors serve as rain guards and allow the water to drip down off of the visor away from your window.
  4. Remote Starter: Though not as cheap as a blanket or sunshade, remote starters are an affordable way to make sure your car cools down before you ever enter it! Just by a simple click of a button, you can start your car and have your air conditioning blasting before you step in and drive. You will get a full year of use out of this as it works great in the winter to heat up your car (and even turn on your heated seats if you have those, too).
  5. Tune up your A/C: Just as with your house, your car's air conditioning system can take a beating after months and years of continued use. Have a certified mechanic inspect all of the parts associated with your vehicle's cooling system as well as top off all coolant levels. You never know - your air conditioning could be underperforming simply due to an old or broken part that might be a cheap and simple fix.

Bonus tips:

  • It might sound like common sense to most, but picking out a shady spot to park your car will result in a huge difference in temperature when you enter your car! Parking under a tree will provide some very useful shade to prevent direct sunlight from hitting your vehicle's exterior and interior.
  • Try to park the rear/trunk of your car where the sun is directly hitting or where it will be directly hitting when you plan on leaving your spot. This will help keep the front of your vehicle cooler and allow for you to be able to touch your steering wheel without being burned when you enter your car!
  • Window tints, while adhering to local and state laws for the degree of tint allowed, are a great way to keep some of the direct sunlight from entering your car.
  • Circulating the air in your vehicle when you enter it will make a huge difference. Though it might seem to go against logic, having your air conditioning blasting with your windows open will get your car cooled down even faster. The cold air coming from your air conditioning will replace the warmer air that is inside your vehicle and escaping through your windows. Once your car cools down to your level of comfort, close your windows and adjust your air conditioning!

If you have a question about any of the accessories listed here or if you would like to schedule an air conditioning tune-up at any of our Lester Glenn locations, please contact us at 855-833-4200.

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