Lester Glenn Auto Group's dedication to customer service and experience starts with our team of employees - our Lester Glenn Family. The Lester Glenn Family has grown a lot since 1956, but if you've been with us through the years, you'll always see a familiar smiling face in our showrooms and service centers! 

They say families are like trees, with branches growing in different directions but all growing from the same root. That saying is no different here at Lester Glenn. With different locations, departments and services, all of our branches serve a different purpose, but all grow from the same root of treating the customer with dignity and respect, just the way Lester Glenn has been doing it since 1956!

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It's All In The Family

Since 1956, Lester Glenn Auto Group has been a family-owned and operated automotive group located in New Jersey. From day one, Lester Glenn's mission has been to treat every customer with the dignity and respect they deserve. Lester Glenn's words and legacy shaped what we know today to be the Lester Glenn Experience.

"It has been foremost, in the minds of all people associated with Lester Glenn, to do everything possible to make the customer pleased to be doing business with Lester Glenn."

- Lester Glenn, Founder of Lester Glenn Auto Group